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I like telling the story of Switch. We started as an idea (to save customers money on electricity), with just two of us in a one room office. Now we are more than an idea and our new ideas are bigger (to save customers money on all their energy purchases), there’s more of us (and smart people too) and we have more than one room.

It’s exciting to build a business where we can use our experience and create savings for our customers. It’s risky, when it’s your money you worry about the idea working, but I think saving money is an idea that works everywhere. We have found some really good folks to help us out, experts in what they do (risk management, marketing, supply fulfillment, customer care, accounting, websites, power supply etc): we few but are being supported by many other experts we have engaged.

So we’ve started and we are saving money for folks in Ohio and I was just told today that Michigan has okayed us, I’m keen to get into New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and others. We can’t be everywhere only 14 States really allow us to provide savings on electricity, why the other 36 States think it’s good to pay more is for them to wrestle with: hopefully they will see the light and we can save more people money.

If you are one of our first customers; thank you and welcome. My role is to ensure our people are not constrained in providing the best value and service to our customers; the only reason we are in business. I’m all ears for new ideas and ways we can be of assistance to you so feel free to send me a note and if it works we’ll do it.

Glenn Payne

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