How do we provide cheaper energy?

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We are building a company with only those things that are absolutely needed: if we spend less we don’t need to charge our customers as much.

We are in a building that leaks a little, where we have wires hanging from the ceiling (I’m told it’s safe) and if we jump it causes problems for the folks on the 2nd floor.  But like any starter home it’s where we live and what we can afford for a new company.

Our furniture is hand assembled.  We had 63 IKEA boxes arrive not long after we moved in.  It took a while for us to put them all together but there was an incentive: we needed a desk.  New members of the Switch team have to assemble their own furniture (unless we are feeling extra generous).  We even have a collection of fake plants from IKEA to save on water.

We buy our own soda and the canteen is the New York Deli around the corner.  If we get it right we’ll be able to make a little money but the beauty of this country is that when you save someone else money they like you.  Sam Walton was on to something when he started Walmart; people like to buy the same stuff for less.

We are not the only folks competing to win your business and while we can offer greater savings I know that so long as we are as good as everyone else it will come down to price.  We offer low prices because we have low costs.

Glenn Payne 9.25.13

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