Easy ways to save money

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No. 1 is switch to Switch Energy; we offer low rates so no matter how much you use it’s cheaper (up to 50% cheaper than one of our larger competitors).

Next steps:
– Change light bulbs to compact fluorescent or better yet LED. Old style light bulbs (incandescent) use more energy producing heat than they do light. LED bulbs produce the same light with 10% of the energy. Admittedly more expensive but inside 12 months they will pay for themselves if in a busy part of the house. A simple tip; don’t bother putting them in rooms not frequently used.
– Seal up the cracks around windows and doors. Sometimes as simple as tape, saran wrap or towels all you are trying to do is avoid heating or cooling more air.
– Get your heating and AC units checked to ensure they are working properly.

Do those three things and your bills will be lower with no changes in behavior. To make even more savings you can consider not trying to warm or cool the house so much, but that’s a personal decision.

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