How can I save more money on my energy bills?

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I thought you’d never ask!

I sat down earlier this year and added up what I’d spent on energy over the past year. I’m glad I was sitting down. We lived (we just moved) in an older house that used electricity, fuel oil (for heating) and propane (for cooking), 5 bedrooms and a pool in the Northeast means lots of heating, and cooling.

Most folks have grown accustomed to using the same electric, gas and fuel oil companies year after year. When companies don’t compete they don’t offer the lowest prices. By aggressively buying electricity and fuel at low prices, with a low overhead we can pass only lower prices to customers. If I was my own customer last year I could have saved myself at least $700 in energy bills.

We are not yet there in all markets with all energies but we are working on it. By offering customers the convenience of dealing with one expert (Switch) for all their energy needs we can deliver cheaper energy (there’s no need for as many offices). So just like the cable triple play it will be cheaper to buy all your energy from us.

I’m also having talks with folks that make smart thermostats. Look I’m like you: I don’t want to constantly fiddle with a thermostat but if the thermostat can learn when you go to bed and adjust the settings in the rooms not occupied we can help you save more money by consuming less. We’ll have a deal that makes it easy for you to acquire the best thermostat and save even more.

If I can save you more we get happy customers and build a better business. I like that. So stay tuned, keep saying yes to our smart ideas and we’ll save you hundreds of dollars.

Glenn Payne

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