Giving back to our communities

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We all share space in our neighborhood, town and state. Sometimes we are closer to others, sometimes distant but we all have a community. For those of us lucky enough to have found a way by smarts, family or luck to become successful there is an opportunity or obligation to help others in our community that didn’t get those lucky breaks.

Switch has yet to be listed on any of the Forbes 500 or Wired 2.0 lists (we are trying hard) and so we don’t have a fortune to dispense. What we do have are smart people that can generate ideas and effort.

Recently Glenn dedicated some of his time to running for a local Board as a new independent political party for his small town in Connecticut. He didn’t win (more time for Switch and Mrs Payne) but he tried and sometimes that’s what we ask of our kids. Try to make the world a better place and try to leave footprints behind. While he didn’t win he did get lots of votes, so he tried.

On a bigger scale and one where we/he won’t fail is an idea that we will be rolling out soon. We plan to partner with charities in your area where some of your savings can be directed to a cause. Now that we are saving you money you never had before the thought is you may want to donate some of that found money to a charity. You save, your charity collects and we have happy customers.

So for those of you that give back to your communities (especially the ones that win elections) we salute you. For those that contribute to charities we applaud you. And for those that want to Switch and save hundreds or maybe donate some of those hundreds of dollars we will serve you.

If you know of a charity that would like to partner with us, call us and we’ll set something up.

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