Save money and make money

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You are a customer of ours and we have been saving you money, it’s called a win-win in circles where clichés are used.

What if we went one further and made it a win-win-win: now there’s an idea.

We like our customers and we hope they like us. Saving money is a smart idea (I hate dumb ideas) so why not impress your friends and refer them to us so they too can save money? Not only will they save money but we’ll give you $30 every time your neighbor or friend becomes a paying customer.

We don’t limit how much you could make (but over $600 we do need to issue a 1099 tax form to you). So say you signed up 2 people a month, at $60 a month you are probably starting to get your electricity for free!

ow do you do it; easy, go to referral.switch.energy and fill out your name and your friend’s name and email and when then sign up you’ll start to be rewarded.

Why do we do it; because we like loyal customers and for us to grow we have to have Justin knock on your friend’s door and while Justin is a nice guy he wants to get paid. So why not pay you?

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