Cheap electric rates in ComEd

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Switch Energy is now selling cheap electricity in Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) territory. It’s taken a little while, there are always delays to being officially licensed to sell electricity, but we are certified and can now grow in the great state of Illinois.

ComEd have a price to compare of 7.29c/kWh. It’s a high price relative to much of the rest of the PJM territory largely due to the isolated nature of ComEd. ComEd is owned by Exelon and they preferred to operate the utility and the generation that they own in the area together with their assets across the Mid Atlantic so it’s remote. It costs more to get electricity to Chicago customers, but here is no reason to pay the highest price – we think everyone should have the choice to save money.

Switch Energy is offering a 12 month fixed price deal of 6.99c/kWh; so a savings vs the ComEd price. We think it is unnatural to pay high prices when you have choices, so we hope that folks in Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area sign up. Enter your zip code on our home page, sign up and start saving on your ComEd electric bill.

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