Advantages of choosing your energy supplier

In many areas of the country, you have the ability to choose your energy supplier. This gives you the opportunity to pick the rates, products and services that you want….not what your utility decides to offer you.
Your utility still delivers your energy. Your utility still handles outages. You won’t notice any difference in reliability.

Why Switch Energy?

Switch Energy is an independent energy company built around being lean and efficient. Because we keep our rates highly competitive.
We offer everything the big companies offer…without the hassles. When you call Switch Energy you will talk to a live person located right here in our US offices.
We offer great fixed or variable rates for your energy. And of course you always have the option to go 100% green with our sustainable energy options

What option is right for you?

Fixed Price

Great for those who want to know what their price will be for the term of your contract. The price you pay per kWh for electric and Ccf for natural gas is set and will not change. With a fixed price plan you are protected from fluctuating energy prices.

Variable Price

Great for those who want a price that can vary from month-to-month. The price you pay per kWh for electric and Ccf for natural gas can go up or down each month. With a variable price plan you can take advantage of dips in energy prices but you are also exposed to potential price increases.


Great for those who want their energy to be generated from green/sustainable sources.

What’s next?

Switch Energy is growing rapidly by expanding into new markets and offering new products. We are focused on helping our customers save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills.
Please watch for us as we start offering great rates on electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane, and wood chips in your area